We know Scribble Linens are fun, but if you need help being inspired here are a few fun ways to use the product! Read through them and then if you have a fun, unique way you have used yours….submit your idea too!

The Basics:

- Use the Scribble Linens Coasters on your stemware so guests can keep up with which glass belongs to each person.

- Use the Scribble Linens Place Mats at dinner, but wait, dinner is running late. Tell the kids to play on the scribblin’ side with chalk while you finish up. Then as you are bringing dinner to the table tell them to flip them back over to the pretty fabric side for eating.

- Throw a wine party with the Scribble Linens Table Runner and label the wines and cheeses using the runner. Draw arrows showing what pairs best with what.

- Use the Scribble Linens Place Mats as place holders for your festive dinner. You can even have a side dish of chalk for your guests so they can doodle.

Spread Your Wings (you are ready to go beyond the basic):

- Host thanksgiving dinner and have everyone write down what they are most thankful for. You can use any of the Scribble Linens products for this! What an eco-friendly way to engage your dinner guests.

- Before each family dinner write down one (or two or three) questions for the day that every family member has to answer. For example, what was the best part of your day? Or, what was one thing you learned today? I recommend the Scribble Linens Table Runner or Table Topper for this. Hey, why not do a word of the day! Your kids SAT scores will thank you.

- Throw out the Scribble Linens Table Topper for a picnic. Draw what you see.

What fun ways have you used your Scribble Linens? Let me know!

Submit your idea!

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