Attention Book Lovers!


Are you a voracious reader or a member of a book club? If so Scribble Linens has a book for you! It is called Glitter and Glue by Kelly Corrigan and it is terrific! If you are already a fan of Kelly's -as we are -you will not be disappointed! She weaves the story of her own post college Australian adventure and relationship with her mother into one fabulous book and a must read!#scribblelinenslovesglitterandglue #kellycorriganrocks#scribblelinens   … [Read more...]

Minty St. Patrick’s Brownie Trifle Recipe


Scribble Linens is based in Dallas, Texas where they take celebrating St. Patrick's Day very seriously! We are talking parades, a main street in town that closes down for a huge party all day and lots of green and shamrocks take over the town. The revelers go from infants to senior citizens! So we wanted to share a little recipe with you for a quick, tasty treat that we serve for the day's celebration! Make a pan of your favorite brownies. Next have a container of whipped topping, peppermint extract and some green food coloring ready. Cut the brownies into pieces and put them aside. Take the topping and two teaspoons of peppermint extract and mix them together and then mix in the green food coloring until you get just the color green you desire. We recommend that you then let the whipped topping sit in the freezer for about five minutes … [Read more...]

St. Patrick’s Day Beer Tasting Party!

Full Spread

I was trying to think of a super fun way to ring in St. Patrick's Day and this is what we came up with...a beer tasting party.  Now I know this isn't always for the girls, but when I think of St. Patrick's Day I think of beer, not wine or other spirits so it seemed appropriate.  And let's be honest, every now and then we have to do something that the boys will like.  Now with ALL of that being said I am going to put out there that this girl likes beer and I have other very good girlfriends who do too.  Oh I digress (like always) so here is the 411 for a super fun beer tasting party! Step 1:  I knew I wanted to use the fun chalkboard rolls because I envisioned how fun it would be to have the beer placed across it and people could put their notes next to each beer like, "my fave," "too hoppy," "rich rye flaver," etc.  And everyone … [Read more...]

St. Patrick’s Day Party Mix

Party Mix Photo

For the super fun St. Patrick's Day Beer Tasting we hosted, we also needed a fun and yummy St. Patrick's Day Mix.  Insert this here.  And boy was it yummy.  And so festive.  I am a sucker for creating things for the holidays.  And I love things that are super easy...which this one was.  Here is the run down: Indgredients: 6 Cups of Chex Cereal 1 Cup of Mini Marshmallows 1 Cup of White Chocolate Chips 2/3 Cup Powdered Sugar 12 Andes Mint Candies 2 Packages Mint M&Ms 1/4 Cup Butter Step 1:  Melt the chocolate chips and butter in the microwave in 30 second intervals until they are completely melted. Step 2:  Have the 6 cups of chex mix already sitting in a large bowl.  Pour the melted butter and white chocolate mixture over them and mix until evenly combined. Step 3:  Pour the powdered sugar over that … [Read more...]

Mardi Gras Party Tips from Scribble Linens

4 Mardi Gras Fun Tips

Okay, yall, Mardi Gras is upon us and Fat Tuesday is only days away!  So we want to share some fun and simple ways to celebrate the day.  You know us...we always love to make something celebratory! Tip 1:  Hit the Dollar Tree for some festive supplies.  You heard us!  The DOLLAR TREE!  Everything is a dollar, which we love, and they really do have cute fun stuff!  Check out these adorable masks.  They are fun for kids and adults alike! Tip 2:  What says Mardi Gras more then a Kings Cake?  But if you are like me there is no way you are going to make one of those suckers so we know where you can get the best one in town.  Whole Foods.  Yep, we are not joking...they are great!  And they offer either the whole cake or just small pieces.  So if it just you on Fat Tuesday, grab a single, or if you are hosting a party go for that whole … [Read more...]